School history

The school, commonly known in Szczecin as ‘GASTRONOMIK’, is nowadays functioning as The Complex School No. 6 under the name of Mikolaj Rej. It was started the 1st September 1951 by the paper/ notice of the Regional Board of Vocational Training. The first organizer and principle was Bernard Kierzkowski. Those days the school bore the name of the Vocational Catering College.

The further principles were:

in the years 1953-1972 - MA Mieczyslaw Sywochop

in the years 1972-1986 - MA Jadwiga Gratkowska

• In latach1986 2003 - MA Edward M. Pokora

from 2003 to the present time MA Janina Krajewska

During its lifetime, the school was known as:

from 1.09.1957r.-Technical and Vocational School of Commerce

from 1.09.1973r.- Complex of Vocational Schools No. 1

from 25.10.1975r.-School of Economic of M. Reja name

from 01. 09. 2002. –Complex School No. 6 of Mikolaj Rej name

Secondary Complex School No. 6 of Mikolaj Rej name in Szczecin is famous throughout the region as ‘GASTRONOMIK’. For more than a half century it has inscribed in the landscape of the city, as a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The main guardian of the tradition here is the patron of the school, called the "father" of Polish literature Mikolaj Rej. His words: "Do not let the time go" welcome everyone who attends the school at Sowińskiego 3 street. The oldest graduates of today's Secondary Complex Schools No. 6 with joy and pride certify that in this school, time does not stand still.

Today's Secondary Complex School No. 6 of Mikolaj Rej name consists of: 834 wonderful youth students, 103 well-qualified teachers and 41 diligent and dedicated administrative staff and service. 30 of today's teachers are former graduates who gave their hearts, minds and still youthful enthusiasm to “Gastronomik”. All of them teachers, educators, youth and administrative workers form an integrated community, for which an imperative of Rej: "Know what you learn!" has become the signpost. Wonderful parents, who are actively involved in school life and help us every day, make with the school community a great family.

In recent years, there were created new opportunities of learning for the youth. Currently, the Secondary Complex of Schools No. 6 of Mikolaj Rej name includes:

Vocational Catering College - cook, waiter, catering services organization college, nutrition and household college, and nutrition and catering services college

Vocational Hotel College- the hotel management college, the tourist services college

Supplementary College - cook

Vocational School - small catering chef, pastry chef, cook


Fulfilling the patron priorities is the best guarantee of the school modernity, the basis of knowledgeable/ science achievements, the engine of success and fundament of well- deserved pride. The best of the best received scholarships and awards of: Education and Sport Minister, the Prime Minister, the Mayor of Szczecin. Dozens of gathered prizes are an impressive confirmation of sporting success talented youth of Rej.

High marks and countless appraisal for the school as a host were received for a great amount of prestigious events supported and prepared from the gastronomic by teachers and students of this school. A great honor for them was to prepare the catering while Pope John Paul II, President of the Republic, ambassadors and consuls of France, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Denmark, representatives of several universities Polish, vice-president of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences, representatives of educational authorities visited our city. In our walls many prestigious conferences, meetings, the qualifying round of the National Nutrition Education and Food Contest, competitions and professional sports were held.

The skills, professional qualifications as well as language skills the students improve through the expanded cooperation and the exchange of experiences with foreign countries, especially with a German partner.

Students of School No. 6 take part in professional shows and competitions organized by the German side, where their skills are greatly valued.

The school community is also known from its "big heart" and activities for the local community. There is no charity project in which the school would not participate. These include actions such as: "And you will become St. Santa Claus, "" Give the children a spark of Joy ", the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, care of the House of Single Mothers in Karwowo, Christmast suppers for singles and many other events on the occasions of Children's Day for children from dysfunctional families who stay under the care of the probation officer.

Thus Secondary School No. 6 - still warmly referred to as ‘GASTRONOMIK’ - for over half a century became the cradle of human resources for the foodservice, hospitality and food industries. The school confirms its highest skills not only in the country but also in restaurants and hotels around the world and on ships under different flags.

It is no wonder that within the school walls there still want to learn hundreds of young people. To the Complex of Schools No. 6 belongs the future, the more certain and steady that built on the coexisting of tradition and modernity.